Opening hearts.  Opening minds.  Opening doors. 

We have three locations around the southern tip of Pymatuning Lake for Outreach Ministry and Worship. You are always welcome to join with Jesus and us in expanding the Kingdom of God, and in the making of Disciples of Jesus Christ.  

                                                                                 Westford United Methodist Church 

                                                                     2031 Westford Rd., Jamestown 
                                 Worship 11:15 a.m.    Sunday School - Adults 10:00 in the Mission Center

 Jamestown United Methodist Church        

          407 Depot St.                 
Worship 10:00 a.m.    Sunday School - Children 11:45, Adults 8:45

Stateline United Methodist Church       

263 West State Rd., Jamestown   
                                                                Worship 8:45 a.m.     Sunday School 9:45                                                                                         Office: 724-932-3561

Rev. John Bargar

Mailing address is United Methodists Pymatuning Charge, P.O. 245, Jamestown PA 16134

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